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"I didn't spend a dime!"


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What did you think  of your rental bike?

All lodging, including the night before the tour departure, is included in the tour price!     We can't expect you to miraculously appear in Anchorage at 8:00 AM, so your room the night before the tour departs is included in the tour price.

Prices are based on double occupancy.  For people who book singly, we will try to find a same sex roommate.  If we fail to find you a roommate, there is no extra charge.  Single rooms may guaranteed at extra cost depending upon availability.  Please email for details.

Meals are ordered off the menu.  You get to decide what you want to eat!     Over the last twenty years, we have eaten in all the restaurants.  We know where the best food is, and we take you there.  We figure you'll get hungry during the day too, so we include lunch and roadside snacks!  All meals, except on the ships of the Alaska Marine Highway, are included in the tour price.  Alcoholic beverages are not included.

All Transportation included.  From your hotel in Anchorage back to the Anchorage location of your choice.  There are no extra fees for excursions on your tour.

Bicycle Rental included.  While you are free to bring your own bicycle, 95% of our guests use our  Cannondale bicycles, so we include them in the tour price.  Each bike is equipped with 21 or 24 speed Shimano index shifting, smooth rolling tires, and is Alaska Equipped with fenders, rack, water bottle and day pack.

We make our packages as inclusive as possible.   We believe you should know in advance how much your vacation is going to cost.      

Our tours are designed around what we believe to be the best locations and activities.     None of our tours are designed to a formula that may work well somewhere else.  Our formula is simple.  Select the best locations and activities, and then design the logistics necessary to make it happen. 


We will never run a tour without a seat in the van for everyone.     Alaskan summers are beautiful, and most guest enjoy fine weather, but this is the sub-arctic and long experience tells us never to get to complacent.


Above and beyond all else,  Alaska is our home, and we have a passion for this country.  Traveling through this great land, and showing it to our guests is a dream come true, and our attitude show in everything we do!


"Tastefully and exceptionally well done trip.  Definitely a five star operation!"

--Phil Hawes, Denver , CO    

  "We had friendly, knowledgeable guides and beautiful scenery!  I've never been on a fully supported tour before--it was great!  I loved the variety of activities and I liked that you had the ability to choose your own meals from the menu!  I had an amazing time!  I would definitely do another bike tour like this!"

--Rachel Vespole


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